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If you're a member in good standing of ORIB you'll probably want to apply for a password so that you can access members-only features of the Club's web site such as the bulletin board. You must already be a paid-up member of the club.

Simply fill out the brief form below and send it. You'll receive a confirmation by e-mail as soon as your password has been enabled. We will respond as fast as possible, but please allow up to 48 hours.

How it works:  Your access will depend on a unique combination of a userid (login name) and password. You will choose these yourself. There are some restrictions, so please read the following carefully!

  1. The userid and password must be different.
  2. No blank spaces. Both userid and password must begin with a letter or numeral.
  3. The userid may be up to 25 characters long. The password must be between 3 and 10 characters long.
  4. Please avoid using combinations of "Raider(s)." You wouldn't believe how many fans want to use the same combinations.
  5. Please remember that under the ORIB membership agreement, your userid-password combination is not to be given out to others at any time!
  6. Each ORIB member, whether a Regular or Associate member, should apply for his/her own userid and password.

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