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July 4, 1996


From:	Mike Sandberg - President
	Oakland Raiders Internet Boosters  
  To:	O.R.I.B. Founding Members  
  Re:	Presidential Proclamation
Date:	July 4, 1996

        On this day July 4, 1996, in accordance with the 
	Oakland Raiders Internet Boosters Constitution, 
	and with the powers vested by me as the O.R.I.B.
	President, I, Michael R. Sandberg, do hereby 
	declare that the proposed O.R.I.B. Bylaws have 
	met all criterias as set by the Constitution, 
	and certify that the O.R.I.B Founding Members 
	have voted and approved the Bylaws by a majority
	vote, and to which I now declare as the official 
	and legal Bylaws of the Oakland Raiders Internet 

	Congratulations to all on reaching another 
	milestone in O.R.I.B. history!!

        O.R.I.B Lives!!!!.....Long Live O.R.I.B!!!!!

                  Michael R. Sandberg  
            Oakland Raiders Internet Boosters    

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