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Ratified 3/18/98


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The Bylaws Committee has drafted and the ExecBoard has approved the
following changes to the ORIB Constitution.  The ExecBoard now forwards
these changes to the Membership for a vote.  This vote will begin
March 11 and last for a week.  A ballot will be posted to the Townhall
by March 11.

1. Adds the Webmaster to the Board.  Webmaster's duties also include list 

2. Removes DALs.

3. Changes RDs from appointed to elected, and removes the "core officer"
distinction from other offices.

4. Explicitly allows Board members to delegate their duties (this covers 
the check-signing situation that was discussed on the Townhall).

5. Reorganizes the section for better understandability.



a. The Executive Board shall be composed of a President, Vice President, 
Secretary, Treasurer, Public Information Officer, Benefits Officer, 
Webmaster, and a number of Regional Directors as set forth in the bylaws.
All officers shall be elected by the membership and serve a two-year 
term.  The rules for elections for the Executive Board, as well as the 
conditions and procedures for removal from office, shall be set forth
in the Bylaws.

b. The Executive Board shall supervise and control all business and 
affairs of the Club.  Board members shall be expected to carry out the 
duties of their office to the best of their ability, and to ensure that 
the Club and its membership needs are given the highest priority.  Board 
members may, at their discretion and as necessary to implement Club 
operations, delegate certain tasks or functions of their offices to other 
Club members.

c. Board members' unique responsibilities are as follows:

(sec. V.a. through V.f. become V.c.1. through V.c.6.)

7. WEBMASTER: Shall be responsible for the design and ongoing maintenance
of the club's World Wide Web site.  Shall maintain backup copies of all
site-related computer files.  Shall liaison with the Treasurer to see
that the club's Internet access account and domain name registration are
paid for on a timely basis, and shall archive any e-mail correspondence
involving those matters.  Shall also be responsible for establishing and
administering such electronic mail lists as the club maintains.

8. REGIONAL DIRECTORS: Shall solicit opinion on Club issues from members 
in their geographic region and represent that opinion in Board 
discussions.  Shall coordinate Club charitable efforts in their region.  
Shall assist other officers with any other Club business that concerns 
their region.  The number of Regional Directors shall be set forth in the 

-- Adam Fox
ORIB Secretary

Posted Tuesday, March 10, 1998

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