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Ratified 2/28/98


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Subject:          ORIB: Bylaws chnages

The Bylaws Committee has drafted the following changes to the ORIB
Bylaws. These changes were unaminously approved by the ExecBoard and
will be posted to the Web Site soon. 

1. Removes the requirement that the V.P. reside locally and places that 
requirement on the B.C.

2. Removes mention of "core officers" and Directors at Large.

3. Streamlines the Board election process by placing the Secretary, 
instead of a non-Board elections officer who must be appointed 60 days in 
advance, in charge.

4. Corrects or removes other small inaccuracies we noticed.



A. Composition

1. The Club President, Treasurer, Benefits Officer and Public 
Information Officer shall be located close enough to Oakland, California 
to conduct Club business in that area on a regular basis.

2. The Board shall also include one Regional Director for each region 
defined pursuant to subsection (B)(2) of this Section.  Regional 
Directors must be residents of the Regions they represent.

(remainder of sec. IV.A. deleted)

B. Authority

2. The Board may redraw regional lines if desired, including the addition 
or deletion of regions, every two years at the end of the Regional 
Directors' term of office.  This redistricting shall be based on the 
geographical distribution of ORIB membership.  Beginning in 1996, there 
are three regions:

(remainder of sec. IV.B. unchanged)


E. Treatment of Charitable Causes

3. The Club shall also maintain two distinct categories of charitable 
causes, permanent and single-occurrence. Permanent charities shall be 
subject to review by the Executive Board immediately following Board 
elections.  Suggestions for single-occurrence contributions may be 
offered by any Club member in good standing, and shall be forwarded to 
the Charities Committee for action.


A. Schedule of Elections 

Election of the Executive Board shall take place biennially, and shall be 
held no later than thirty days before the current officers' term of 
office will expire.

B. Elections Officer 

1. The Secretary shall serve as Elections Officer.  If the Secretary is a 
candidate for ORIB office, the Secretary shall appoint an Elections 
Officer from the membership, who is not a candidate for Club office, at 
least thirty but no more than sixty days before the date of any scheduled 
election.  The Elections Officer shall: 

(remainder of sec. VII.B.1. unchanged)

2. Upon appointing another member as the Elections Officer, the Secretary 
shall transmit to that person a list of the members in good standing who 
will be eligible to vote and to run for office. 

(remainder of sec. VII. unchanged)

-- Adam Fox
ORIB Secretary

Posted Tuesday, March 3, 1998

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