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Please direct any inquiry to one of the specific addresses below
rather than to the ORIB Townhall mail list. Thank you.

Person or Subject Address
(questions about dues payments)
Public Information Officer
Ordering ORIB merchandise 1
Mail list administrator
Pick The Score
ORIB Townhall mail list (members only) orib-townhall

1 Note: As of May 2004, the Oakland Raiders organization, through the steering committee of booster clubs (SCBCOR) to which we belong, has decreed that the Raiders' pirate logo can no longer be used on booster club merchandise, period. Accordingly we no longer furnish club merchandise to our members. We are, however, permitted to sell our remaining small inventory of goods (bearing the ORIB logo, which consists of the pirate shield inside a diamond) with the proceeds going to charity. Use the orders address above to inquire about quantity and prices.

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